Hotel Messnerwirt


Grounded and deeply rooted


The Hotel Messnerwirt is a traditional guesthouse, which has been in our family for more than 5 generations. The personal care of our guests is very precious to us. Be charmed by the unpretentious South Tyrolean hospitality and enjoy an unforgettable summer or winter holiday at the hotel Messnerwirt in Antholz / Anterselva.

  • Ulrich: conjures edible art onto your plate.
  • Astrid: looks after you with her charming down-to-earth attitude.
  • Franz: the best speck maker EVER.
  • Brigitte: not only makes sure the flowers blossom in the garden but is always on hand for the nitty-gritty.
  • Laurin und Amelie: always on a voyage of discovery around the hotel and farm.


Vacation from the first minute. Hospitality is still a way of life here.

Michael T.

Historical guesthouse Messnerwirt in Anterselva
(first mentioned in the 15th century.)

In 1865 Josef Zingerle, "the Böckn son" bought the Messnerwirt property in Antholz / Anterselva. The new landlord proved to be an enterprising man: alongside his work as innkeeper and farmer he also ran an extensive timber business. In 1889 Franz, the eldest son from a total of 18 children, succeeded his father. Franz Zingerle was a widely travelled man, participating in several pilgrimages, taking him as far as Jerusalem. In the end he died of an illness contracted during a trip to Rome, thus his son Anton took over. Together with his wife Walburga he took care of the Messnerwirt property, renovating the guesthouse and newly building the feed house. The current generation of the family has been at work since 1990. Franz and Brigitte have brought the Messnerwirt up to its current state, steadily extending and renovating it. Now, together with their children Astrid and Ulrich (the fifth generation), they are continuing the close connection between guesthouse and farm, in the sense of their family tradition.

The Messnerwirt in Rasun-Anterselva

The origins of the Messnerwirt's name can easily be traced. Who could be better suited to becoming the sacristan (Mesner) of the nearby church St. Walburg in Antholz / Anterselva than the proprietor of the Messnerwirt? The sacristan, in addition to his ministry in the church, also took care of the ringing of the bell for the Angelus prayer in the morning, at noon and in the evening, and of course never failed to ring the weather warnings when in summer black clouds rose in the sky and thunderstorms threatened to destroy the harvest.

Customs and traditions at the Messnerwirt in Anterselva

The annual driving down of the animals from the alpine pastures, the Grenter hay harvest, house smoking ceremony at Epiphany, the building of an altar for Ascension Day…these are just a few of the ways we try to keep the South Tyrolean customs and traditions of our fathers living on in a traditional way.


Wellbeing holidays in Anterselva